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The Future of Wilshire Boulevard

To preserve and enhance the unique characteristics of neighborhoods along Wilshire Boulevard, as well as realize the potential of Wilshire Boulevard as LA's Main Street, LA Neighbors United is forming a “Wilshire Boulevard Visioning Group.” Based on community interest, the group will develop plans and designs for the future. Interested members of the professional planning community, residential stakeholders and business stakeholders are invited to participate. Wilshire Boulevard, from end to end, can be a jewel of the City and the County. Working together, we can make it so.

If you’re interested in participating in the Wilshire Boulevard Visioning Group, please send an email with your contact information to

There also is interest in an Infrastructure Capacity Monitoring and Mitigation Group to help assure sufficient fire and other safety services are in place to support subway tunneling and future development along the boulevard. As the subway proceeds, protecting the people of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills must be the first priority.

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