For The Love of Our City

LA Neighborhood United
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Toward A More Perfect Los Angeles

Los Angeles …

  • The City of Neighborhoods
  • A unique, glorious, messy, multi-ethnic, middle-class, urban, suburban and semi-rural megalopolis
  • Where sunshine is a transcendental value
  • With natural wonders including the mountains, the sea and, with some work, a revitalized Los Angeles River watershed
  • Where the car is king, but where alternative modes of transportation are providing ever-increasing mobility options

LA Neighbors United loves Los Angeles, and envisions a city that’s an even better version of its current self. We are:

  • Dedicated to planning a future for Los Angeles that respects the city’s past and its present
  • Concerned that infrastructure and public services have declined to such a point that the city is no longer sustainable on its current course
  • Committed to contributing positively to the city’s future

Thanks for your help and support of our efforts!