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Maps & Links

City of Los Angeles Main Website

Under “Neighborhood Resources” enter an address to find your:

  • City Council District and City Council Member
  • County Supervisor
  • State Senator
  • State Assembly Member
  • Member of Congress
  • Trash pick-up day for your neighborhood
  • Parking enforcement area office
  • Fire station
  • Police station
  • Neighborhood Council

Los Angeles Times Newspaper Neighborhood Resources Website

  • Demographic information (population, ethnicity, household income, education and more)
  • Local school information
  • Local crime reports

Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment

  • Locate your Neighborhood Council and learn more about Neighborhood Councils

Los Angeles Department of City Planning

  • Use Zimas tools to learn more about your property and your neighborhood, including County Assessor’s data

Los Angeles River Online Guide







Los Angeles City