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Los Angeles Zoning Code Overhaul

Los Angeles is undertaking the most significant revisions to its zoning code since 1946.

The Recode LA initiative is likely to reduce the number of zones, overlay districts and Specific Plan areas; allow more density in more zones; reduce parking requirements; reduce open space requirements; impose fewer restrictions on uses; and streamline development approvals.

At the same time, a legacy effort to update the zoning code via piecemeal ordinances continues (see box at lower right).

The new ordinances and zoning code will dramatically affect our neighborhoods and tens of thousands of buildings over time.

LA Neighbors United supports streamlining the Los Angeles Zoning Code to consolidate language, eliminate redundancies, and modernize and strengthen the code to effect better planning.

Streamlining project permitting and maintaining the integrity of Community and Specific Plans through clear, strong code are not mutually exclusive. In fact, we must do both to make Los Angeles an even better place to live and do business… protecting and enhancing neighborhoods, commercial centers, boulevards and scenic areas.

We are concerned that some of the proposed changes will weaken or eliminate important protections, with potentially significant negative impacts on residential communities and commercial districts.

Recode LA: Key Documents

Final Zoning Code Evaluation Report (December 2014)

Planning Department Recommendation Report – Supplemental (June 2014)

Planning Department Recommendation Report (May 2014)

Zoning Code Evaluation Report (March 2014)

Proposed Ordinance Would Enable Buildings to Exceed Height, Size Limits In New Zones

Planning Department Report on Master Planned Development Zone Ordinance

First of 10 New Code Simplification Laws: Core Findings Ordinance

Final Core Findings Ordinance

Core Findings Ordinance as Approved by CPC on January 13, 2011 and by City Council PLUM Committee on May 17, 2011

LA Neighbors Comments on Revised Core Findings Ordinance

Planning Department Revised Core Findings Ordinance

Conditional Use Permits and Other Approvals Subject to Core Findings

LA Neighbors Specific Recommendations on Core Findings

Pacific Palisades Specific Recommendations on Core Findings

Studio City Comments on Core Findings

LA Times Reports: Other Cities Also Gutting Zoning to Raise Cash

LA Neighbors' Brazeman Reiterates Personal Support for 12-2 Development Reform, Elimination of City Business Tax

CityWatch: Houston on the Pacific?

Planning Department Report on First Proposed Ordinance - Core Findings

Update on Zone Code Reform Project (June 2010)

Overview of Zone Code Reform Project


Status of 10 Ordinances