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Cary Brazeman on Development Reform and the City Business Tax

Brazeman on 12-2 Development Reform

"Greater efficiency results in time and money saved. That's why the Mayor's initiative to reduce from 12 to 2 the number of departments that property owners must often deal with is critical to delivering quality service to businesses and residents in the city."

"The apparent death of 12-2 is a failure of leadership on the part of the Mayor and Council leaders. At the very least, recalcitrant department heads should be called out for their resistance to streamlining the bureaucracy. We'll see if Deputy Mayor Beutner can pull a rabbit out of a hat with his Plan B to address the situation."

(Cary Brazeman in CityWatchLA, September 10, 2010)

Brazeman on Elimination of Los Angeles City Business Tax

"If we're going to gut something around here, it should be the City business tax. Get rid of it. That step alone would do more to produce meaningful economic growth than gutting the zoning code, and without the destructive land use and environmental consequences. It also would drive real, significant demand for real estate space [in the City] over time."

(Cary Brazeman, October 7, 2010)